Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Soils & Their Properties

1. Alluvial Soils - Most fertile, Sandy loam in texture, Rich in Potash, Phosphoric Acid, Lime & Organic matter Deficient in Nitrogen & Humus

2. Regur/Black Soils - Also classified as Chernozem. Clay content 50% Rich in iron, lime & Aluminium Poor in Nitrogen, Phosphorus & organic content

3. Red & Yellow Soils - Known as omnibus group. Rich in oxides of iron Poor in Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Humus

4. Laterite Soils - Not very fertile. Typical of tropical region with heavy rainfall Rich in iron oxide & potash Poor in nitrogen, phosphate & calcium

5. Arid Soils - Rich in phosphate Poor in Nitrogen & humus

6. Saline Soils - Known as Usara, Reh or Kallar Contain a large proportion of Sodium, Potassium & Magnesium Poor in Nitrogen & Calcium

7. Peaty & Organic - Normally heavy & black in colour. Highly acidic. Rich in organic matter Poor in phosphate & potash

8. Forest Soils - Acidic with low humus content Poor in potash, phosphorus & lime.