Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Important Places/Regions & Their Locations

1. Llanos -Tropical Grasslands of Venezuela

2. Campos -Tropical grasslands of Brazil

3. Iberian Peninsula -Spain

4. Katanga basin -Democratic republic of Congo

5. Canterbury Plain- Largest lowland area of New Zealand

6. Chaco / Gran Chaco -Low, flat, arid region covering Argentina Paraguay & Bolivia.

7. Kra Peninsula- Malaysia

8. Parana region Brazil –Largest producer of wheat, corn cotton

9. Matto grosso -Thick jungle in west central brazil north of Bolivia.

10. Dogger bank- Shallow fishing area in north sea, 100km off UK

11. Grand bank -Shallow fishing area off new foundland, Canada

12. Georges bank- Near bay of fundy & Gulf of Maine

13. Nordic Countries- Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Denmark.

14. Ob, Yenisey & Lena Major rivers of Russia

15. Sarawak, Sabah, Labuan -These three states make up east Malaysia.

16. Yucatan -Peninsula Mexico

17. Ozark Plateau -heavily forested upland region, between the Missouri and Arkansas rivers

18. Sinai Peninsula- In north eastern Egypt.