Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Contributions of Important Geographers

1. Megalopolis concept -Jean Gottman

2. Conurbation Concept, Wrote ‘Cities in Evolution’- Patrick Geddes

3. Polar Front Theory- J. Bjerknes

4. Anticyclone term -Sir Francis Galton

5. Equilibrium Theory of tides- Issac Newton

6. Dynamic Theory of Tides- Laplace

7. Progressive Wave Theory- William Whewell

8. Canal Theory- G. B. Airy

9. Stationary Wave Theory of Tides -R. A. Harris

10. Process of Precipitation- Bergeron

11. First used the term Ecology -Tansley

12. Father of Ecology -Haeckel

13. First used the term plate -J. T Wilson

14. Coined the term Antecedent Stream -J. W. Powell

15. Classification of clouds- Luke Howard

16. Ice crystal Theory- Tor Bergeron

17. Collision-Coalesce Theory -George Simpson & Mason

18. Glacial Control Theory of Coral reef formation -Daly

19. Subsidence Theory of Coral reef formation- Darwin

20. Stand Still Theory of Coral reef- Murray

21. Concept of grade- G.K. Gilbert

22. Law of Stream number/Length- R. E. Horton

23. Location Allocation Models- P. Haggett

24. Law of Retail Gravitation- W.J. Reilly

25. Concept of Threshold & Range -B.J.L. Berry

26. Introduced the concept of Possibilism -Lucien Febvre

27. Coined “Areal Differentiation”- Hartshorne

28. General System Theory -Ludwig von Bertalanffy

29. Developed Hythergraph- G. Taylor

30. Polyconic Projection- Ferdinand Hessler

31. Globular projection- S.J. Fournier