Saturday, March 23, 2013


1.”Reflections of a Statesman” book was written on whose life history ?
Answer : R.Venkataraman

2. India’s which board was admitted as the 11th member of MDEP recently?
Answer : Atomic Energy Regulatory

3.Which two countries signed an agreement on  Contract Workers ?
Answer : India & UAE

4. Which countries had signed six agreements in diverse areas recently including oil& gas?
Answer :  India & Qatar

5. In which country the  Industrial “Canton Fair” is going to be held?
Answer :  China

 6. Where is the largest Tulip garden is situated in Asia?
Answer:  Srinagar

7. Which country had stated to expand the members in UN Security Council recently?
Answer : India

8. Where was the oldest and largest bank of South Korea had set its branch recently in India ?
Answer :  Chennai

9.Commemorative Postage Stamp of which president was released to mark the birth centenary recently?
Answer : R.Venkataraman

10. Union Government decided to raise working capital ECB  resources for which sector recently?
Answer : Aviation sector

11. Where was the foundation stone for country’s first financial city laid up in ?
Answer : Bangalore

12. In which state the 4G services were launched recently?
Answer : Kolkata

13. In which place was the 20th ASEAN Summit held recently?
Answer :  Combodia

14.Where was the RIC trilateral conference held recently?
Answers : Mascow

15. Where was the 6th summit of the Americas held recently?
Answer : Colombia

16.Who is the Democratic leader of Myanmar awarded with Sukarno Prize for creation of Democracy in the country?
Answer : Aung San Suu Kyi

17. Which award has been presented to Lt.Gen.Bikram Singh?
Answer :  Gallantry Award

 18. Novack Djikivic world no-1 defeated whom to claim the Miami masters title in the final held in Florida?
Answer : Andy Murrey

19. Who is the first woman wrestler to be qualified for the Olympics afterwinning gold in Astana recently?
Answer :  Geeta Kumari

20. Who is the Tennis player captured her 40th career title in WTA tournament?
Answer : Sarena Williams

21. Who had won the 11th Asian Billiards championship  held in Goa recently?
Answer : Pankaj Advani

22. Where was the Archery World Cup Stage-I games held recently?
Answer :  Shanghai

23. Who had won the Men’s Single Asian Badminton Championship recently?
Answer :  Chen Jin

 24.With the cooperation of which country Multiskill development centre is going to start in Bangalore and Gulberg?
Answer : Germany

25. According to the World Economic Outlook report what is the lowered economic growth of India in 2012?
Answer : 6.9%

 26. What is name  of the World’s first flying car ?
Answer : Terrafugia

27. Where was the new ISRO  spy satellite centre was launched  recently?
Answer : Sriharikota

28. In which place India has successfully  carried out the AWACS test flight recently?
Answer :  Brazil

29. From which place the Agni-v long range ballistic missile was test fired recently?
Answer :  Odisha

30.What is the name of the ballistic missile which was test fired by Pakistan recently?
Answer :  Hatf-IV

31. What is the name of all weather radar imaging satellite launched recently by India ?
Answer : RISAT-I

32. What is the name of the stealth frigate which was inducted into navy recently?
Answer : INS Teg

33. Who is the new special envoy to Sudan and South Sudan?
Answer : Amarendra Khatua

34. Who is the new king of Malaysia elected recently?
Answer :  Sultan Abdul Halim

35. Who had been appointed as UNHCR special envoy recently?
Answer : Angelina Jolie

36. Who had been appointed as the President of World Heart Federation ?
Answer : Dr.Srinath Reddy

 37.Lucas Papademos is president of which country resigned recently due to early elections in the country?
Answer : Greece

38.Who is the president of Mali resigned recently?
Answer :  Amadov Toumani Toure

39. What is the name of Jordan Prime minister who resigned recntly?
Answer :  Awn aL Khasawneh

40. Who is the legendary newsman popular CBS “60Minutes” programmer died recently?
Answer :    Mike Wallace

41.Who is president of Malawi died of heart attack recently?
Answer : Binju Wa Mutharika

 42.The Chancellor of Exchequer of UK, who visited India for the fifth economic financial ministerial meeting held in New Delhi?
Answer :  George Osborne

43. Who is the Pakistan president visited India recently?
Answer : Asif Ali Zardari

44.Who is the Norwegian Minister of Trade & Industry visited India regarding Telenor issue recently?
Answer : Trond Giske

45. Which city is the world’s most impressive city according to the Wealth report?
Answer : London

46. Which organisation has became the heritage of the sank Titanic ship 100 years ago?
Answer : UNESCO

47. Where is the  name of the world’s highest tunnel bridge located in China?
Answer : Aizhai

49. Under whom the two member Adarsh Judicial Commission was set up by the Maharashtra Government?
Answer :  N.N.Kumbahar

50. Aung San Suu Kyi who recently won in Myanmar parliament elections, belongs to which political party?
Answer   : Nation League for Democracy (NLD)

51.The US Govenment announced an additional 12.2 million aid to which country recently?
Answer    :  Syria

52. Who is the Chief of Laskhar e-Taiba,  a reward money of $10 million has been announced on him  by America?
Answer    : Hafiz Saeed